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Work on your schedule

Deliver for a few hours in the mornings, at night or just at the weekend – it’s up to you. You are your own boss, and you can choose when and how much you work.

Choose your wheels

Depending on your city, you may be able to deliver with your car, bike, or scooter.

Make money

You’ll make money by bringing people the things they love. Between deliveries, it’s just you. Also, you will receive 100% of the delivery charges on each order.


You will receive your own online portal that will show you the number of deliveries you have made and how much money is owing to you. Every 7 days we will automatically send out your payment to one of the following:

1, Your nominated bank

2, Paypal

Payments will be instant and you will receive an email once payment has been made

Note: in your Online Portal, you will get the option to add your payment details

Alternatively, cash jobs are available too. You will see this option in the job description in your app. If you pick a cash job, make sure to you receive payment from the businesses before making the delivery

  • The minimum age for a bicycle rider is 18 years of age
  • The minimum age for a Scooter/ Car/ Van driver is 25 years of age

Yes, you are free to work for other businesses, including our direct competitors.

We charge the business owner that you are picking up from a monthly set fee, see here. Therefore, 100% of the delivery charges and 100% of the driver’s tips go to you

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