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At Local Shop Online, we strive to be a responsible business. In the same way, we expect our independent couriers to run their businesses responsibly. This being the case, we have introduced certain minimum standards as set out below (the “Minimum Standards”) which anyone aspiring to operate on the Local Shop Online Courier Network must be able to meet at all times. Given that you wish to operate on the Local Shop Online Courier Network, you must be able to meet the Minimum Standards. They are a key term of our contractual relationship with you.

If you are not able to comply with the Minimum Standards, either now or in the future, you cannot become or continue to be a courier with Local Shop Online.

Capitalised terms below have the same meaning as those in the Terms (set out at page 3 onwards) and we may update or vary these Minimum Standards in the future. If we do, we’ll let you know by sending you a notification and posting an updated version of these Minimum Standards via the Local Shop Online Courier Portal.

Personal standards

You must:

  • be over 18 years old;
  • have the right to work in the United Kingdom (“UK”) and not be working in contravention of any visa conditions;
  • be polite and respectful when performing the Services;
  • pass a criminal record check; and
  • not previously have had any delivery services contract with Local Shop Online terminated by reason of a material breach.

Driving standards (if applicable)

You must:

  • hold a driving licence which permits you to drive in the UK (such as a full UK driving licence or a provisional with a CBT);
  • inform us immediately if you are disqualified or suspended from driving; and
  • have Valid Insurance Cover in place to cover your vehicle (please see your Courier Agreement for more information). It is your responsibility to notify your vehicle insurer, so that it is noted on your policy, that you are in business as a food delivery courier delivering hot food for hire and reward.

Any vehicle (car, motorbike or scooter) to be used for deliveries must:

  • be validly registered;
  • have vehicle tax;
  • be in good condition and roadworthy;
  • have a current MOT certificate (if more than 3 years old); and
  • conform to all vehicle laws relating to safety, insurance and operational capability.

Equipment standards

You must:

  • have access to a smart phone operating on iOS or Android platforms;
  • download and keep updated our mobile application which are required for you to perform the Services;
  • own a sealable, commercial grade, insulated food transportation bag;
  • (if relevant) own and at all times use a roadworthy bicycle;
  • (if relevant) own and at all times use a UK standards compliant motorcycle/scooter/bicycle helmet and any other safety equipment required.

Independent Contractor standards

Our model is based on you enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with self-employment. To this end, you acknowledge and agree that you:

  • are a self-employed independent contractor at all times and are under no obligation to provide Services to us;
  • are not an employee or a worker;
  • do not have any entitlement to receive wages, salary, holiday pay, other paid leave or statutory sick pay from us;
  • are free to work for other businesses, including our direct competitors;
  • are free to get any Delivery Run couriered by another person of your choice for example someone who is a registered Local Shop Online courier on the Local Shop Online Courier Network or anyone else of your choosing who you are satisfied meets the Minimum Standards;


These terms and conditions (the ‘Terms’) constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Local Shop Online Ltd (Company number 12716252) 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU (‘Local Shop Online’, ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’).

In these Terms, the following capitalised terms shall have defined meaning below:

  • Agreement means these Terms, the Minimum Standards and any schedules and annexures.
  • Courier Guide means our Courier Guide for independent contractors available on the Local Shop Online Courier Portal.
  • Delivery Opportunity(ies) means a notification(s) from the Local Shop Online Platform to you of the opportunity(ies) to complete delivery(ies) from restaurant(s) or other business(es) to consumer(s) in accordance with order(s) placed by consumer(s) which you may accept.
  • Delivery Run(s) means a period (or periods) of time for which you have elected to be available to perform Services on the Local Shop Online Platform and we have allocated that availability to you.
  • Equipment means your tools, devices, sealable commercial grade insulated food transportation bag and any road-worthy vehicle or bicycle (taxed and insured as necessary) required to enable you to perform the Services as specified in the Minimum Standards.
  • Group Company means Local Shop Online and any Holding company from time to time of Local Shop Online or any company which is from time to time a subsidiary of Local Shop Online, any Holding company or subsidiary.  Holding company and subsidiary shall have the meanings given to them in section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006.
  • Local Shop Online Courier Mobile Application means the mobile application that Couriers use to gain access to and fulfil Delivery Opportunities on the Local Shop Online Platform and that connect contractors, restaurants and/ or other businesses and consumers. For clarity, the Local Shop Online Courier Mobile Application is a component part of the Local Shop Online Platform.
  • Local Shop Online Courier Portal means the web portal that Couriers may use to: apply to become an independent contractor on the Local Shop Online Platform; view or edit their profile information; and, review agreements between them and Local Shop Online.  For clarity, the Local Shop Online Courier Portal is a component part of the Local Shop Online Courier Platform.
  • Local Shop Online Platform means the Local Shop Online Website together with its affiliated websites and applications including but not limited to the Local Shop Online Courier Mobile Application and the Local Shop Online Courier Portal.
  • Local Shop Online Courier Privacy Policy means the terms of the privacy policy that here.
  • Local Shop Online Website means the website that can be found here.
  • Parties means you and Local Shop Online.
  • Personal Data has the meaning set out in clause 15.
  • Personnel means either a fellow Local Shop Online courier who is registered on the Local Shop Online Platform or any other person that you engage as a substitute to provide all or some of the Services.
  • Minimum Standards means the minimum standards that you must be able to meet in entering into this Agreement, and in accepting Delivery Opportunities and providing the Services (as set out on pages 1 and 2).
  • Service Failure means any circumstance in which you fail to provide or complete any Service during any registered Delivery Run.
  • Services means the services to be provided by you to us as described at clause 2 below.
  • Supervisory Authority has the meaning set out in clause 15.
  • Valid Insurance Cover means as a minimum business use cover for hot food delivery with specific hire and reward cover.
  • VAT means Value Added Tax in accordance with the Value Added Tax Act as amended from time to time.
  1. General

 1.1 By first reading, reviewing and then submitting to indicate your acceptance to these Terms on the Local Shop Online Courier Portal which you may also view via your mobile phone you are entering into a contract with us. You acknowledge and agree that you have had the opportunity to read, understand, ask questions, and properly consider your obligations and the consequences of this Agreement, and that you agree to be bound by it.

 1.2 You warrant for yourself and the Personnel that you/they have the right to work in the UK on a self-employed basis and you must notify us immediately if for any reason you/they do not meet the Minimum Standards and you must provide us with all required documents, including ID, visas, licences, permits, insurance certificates and consents upon request. You must provide updated documents and notify us should any documents previously provided to us expire, or if they are revoked or cancelled for any reason.  In addition, on request, you must supply your vehicle taxation documentation. We reserve the right to remove your access to the Local Shop Online Courier Portal at any time if you fail to meet the Minimum Standards.

 1.3 You warrant for yourself and the Personnel that you/they do not have any unspent criminal convictions; furthermore, you undertake to notify us if you or any of your Personnel are convicted of a criminal offence at any time after entering into this Agreement (for so long as the Agreement remains in force).

 1.4 You expressly consent to us to verifying your documents through such means as we may deem reasonable (including, but not limited to, conducting right to work and criminal record).

 1.5 You warrant and represent that you operate an independent business (either as a sole trader, partnership or company) that provides delivery services, and that you meet (and will continue to meet) the Minimum Standards and can provide the Services in accordance with this Agreement.

 1.6 You retain the right to provide services to others and to hold yourself out to the general public as a separately established business. These Terms do not restrict you from providing services for other businesses, customers or consumers at any time, even if that business directly competes with us – this is encouraged.

 1.7 You warrant that you meet the Minimum Standards and you undertake to ensure that any of your Personnel are able to meet the Minimum Standards.

  1. The Services

 2.1 You will provide services to us as an independent courier (the “Services”).

 2.2 You may notify us of your availability to perform Services via the Local Shop Online Courier Mobile Application. We will then notify you if a Delivery Run has been allocated to you. We do not guarantee that you will be allocated any Delivery Runs.

 2.3 If you are allocated a  Delivery Run, you are expected to sign into the Local Shop Online Platform via your mobile phone using the Local Shop Online Courier Mobile Application (and remain signed in) for the full duration of the Delivery Run, and to remain ready, willing and able to receive Delivery Opportunities for that period.

 2.4 During each Delivery Run, we may make available Delivery Opportunities which you may, if you wish, accept via the Local Shop Online Platform.

 2.5 We are under no obligation to notify you of a Delivery Opportunity during a Delivery Run and you are not obliged to accept a Delivery Opportunity offered by us.

 2.6 By accepting a Delivery Opportunity, however, you are contractually agreeing to provide the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Any failure to provide or complete the relevant Services will constitute a Service Failure.

 2.7 If after accepting a Delivery Run you are unable to fulfil it you can engage other Personnel to carry out the Delivery Run on your behalf.

  1. Operations

 3.1 You are responsible for running your own business, which means that you have the absolute discretion to control the manner in which the Services are provided. In particular, you are not required to follow any suggested route or directions. However, we do expect you to provide the Services in a timely, efficient, safe, and lawful manner.

 3.2 You acknowledge and agree that while you remain bound by this Agreement:

  3.2.1 You are free to notify us of your availability for  Delivery Runs at your discretion;

  3.2.2 You are free to accept or reject the Delivery Opportunities as you see fit;

  3.2.3 You are not contractually required to provide any particular volume of Services and we are not contractually required to provide you with any particular volume of business. We may also offer Delivery Opportunities to other Couriers or other persons for acceptance or rejection by such person at our sole discretion;

  3.2.4 You are free and encouraged to work for other companies, businesses and operators; and

  3.2.5 You are under no obligation to provide the Services personally and are free to engage Personnel to provide the Services on your behalf in accordance with clause 4.

 3.3 We reserve the right to interrupt, restrict or limit your access to the Local Shop Online Platform (or any part thereof), or to temporarily or permanently withdraw, discontinue or terminate your access to the Local Shop Online Platform or your participation in it, at any time for the purpose of investigating alleged breaches of this Agreement or conducting maintenance or technical upgrading, development or repair of the Local Shop Online Courier Portal.

  1. Performance and Personnel

 4.1 You acknowledge and agree that the Courier Guide contains important information concerning the service levels we expect when you are performing the Services. You agree to abide by the policies and principles contained in the Courier Guide when you are performing the Services. A failure to do so may result in this Agreement being terminated.

 4.2 You will keep secure and confidential, at all times, any login, password(s) or other identification details required to access the Local Shop Online Courier Portal or as otherwise required in your dealings with us. You are permitted to provide your login details to your Personnel to enable them to log into the Courier App, provided that you ensure that your Personnel keep those details confidential.

 4.3 You are not required to provide Services personally, and may, to the extent permitted by law and subject to this Agreement, employ or engage Personnel. You are solely responsible for the direction and control of the Personnel you use to provide the Services. The commercial terms which you agree with your Personnel are a matter between you and them. However, we will only ever pay you in respect of the Services and it will be your responsibility to pay the Personnel.

 4.4 If you use the services of Personnel to provide the Services, then you must  ensure that the Personnel complies with this Agreement.

 4.5 Neither you nor the Personnel will receive from us, and you acknowledge and agree that neither you nor the Personnel are entitled to receive from us, any wages, pension contributions, paid annual holidays, paid public holidays, statutory sick pay, paid personal leave, Income Tax or National Insurance contributions or any other statutory or common law employment benefits.

 4.6 You shall be required to submit to a criminal record check for records of criminal charges and convictions relating to you from time to time. You agree to provide your consent for the results of any such checks to be provided to us and, to the extent that any such checks are facilitated by us, you agree to provide us with any information and consents we may require for such purposes.

 4.7 If you or your Personnel are not a British or EU National, you or your Personnel must:

  4.7.1 obtain and maintain an appropriate valid visa issued by the relevant UK Government department which enables you or your Personnel to perform the Services; and

  4.7.2 you or your Personnel must comply with any visa conditions imposed on you or your Personnel.

 4.8 If your, or your Personnel’s, visa status changes, you must notify us immediately and provide full details and information in respect of your changed circumstances. This Agreement is conditional on, amongst other things, your compliance with clauses 4.6 and 4.7.

 4.9 From time to time, we (or our agents) may conduct a visa check with the relevant UK Government department to ensure your, or your Personnel’s, ongoing compliance with this Agreement. Your and your Personnel’s acceptance of this Agreement constitutes your or your Personnel’s express consent to us (or our agents) undertaking any visa check.

  1. Health and Safety

 5.1 It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of and comply with all applicable health and safety legislation and road and traffic laws which will apply to you when performing the Services., It is also your responsibility to ensure that all Personnel are aware of and comply with all applicable health and safety legislation and road and traffic laws when they are performing the Services on your behalf. Further information about these obligations can be found in the Courier Guide.

 5.2 You will immediately inform us if you are involved in any accident when using your vehicle while supplying Services, if you are arrested or if you are issued with a fine in respect of an offence while supplying Services or you are disqualified from driving.

 5.3 You agree to co-operate with us in the event that there is an investigation of any incident or accident, including any workplace safety incident or near miss.

  1. Expenses

 6.1 You agree that you are responsible for all costs and expenses arising from your provision of the Services, including, but not limited to, costs related to your Personnel and any Equipment and the costs associated with any parking fines or road traffic offences.

  1. Fees and Payment

 7.1 You will receive payment for the provision of Services on a weekly basis in accordance with our payment terms into your nominated UK bank account. All payments from us to you shall be communicated via the Local Shop Online Platform.

 7.2 If you are registered for VAT purposes, you agree that Local Shop Online will raise self-billed invoices on your behalf for the duration of this contract.

 7.3 You agree not to raise VAT invoices for any Services covered by this Agreement.

 7.4 You agree to accept each self-billed invoice and that you will be liable to account for any output VAT liabilities on your VAT return, based on the output VAT calculated by Local Shop Online, on the self-billed VAT invoices. Local Shop Online will not be liable for any unpaid VAT liabilities as a result of any errors on your UK VAT returns.

 7.5 While it is not an obligation for you to be VAT registered you must inform us if you are VAT registered and subsequently inform us immediately should your registration status change by emailing us at [email protected]. You must also inform us immediately if your VAT registration number changes or you sell all or part of your business.

 7.6 Local Shop Online will not issue any self-billed VAT invoices if you are not registered for VAT purposes. Instead we shall provide you with a statement detailing the fees you will receive for performing the Services.

 7.7 The start date of the self-billing arrangement will be the date that this Agreement is put in place. The self-billing arrangement will expire as per the termination date under the same terms specified in clause 12 of this Agreement.

 7.8 You understand and acknowledge that:

  7.8.1 we will not withhold any income tax or National Insurance contributions from any monies or fees paid to you; and

  7.8.2 you must hold and continue to hold a National Insurance Number whilst you provide the Services.

  1. Relationship of Parties

 8.1 You acknowledge and agree that you provide the Services as an independent contractor. Nothing in this Agreement shall be taken to create any employment relationship, worker status, agent, partnership or other joint venture or enterprise between Local Shop Online and you. You acknowledge and agree that you are not an employee or worker of ours or of any restaurant by operation of this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that you are providing Services on behalf of yourself and your business.

 8.2 Neither party has the right to bind the other by contract or otherwise except as specifically provided in these Terms.

 8.3 Nothing in these Terms, and no verbal or written communication between the parties, whether prior to or after these Terms will be construed as an express or implied employment or worker agreement or a promise by Local Shop Online to employ you, any Personnel or any of your agents or representatives.

  1. Insurance and Vehicle Tax

 9.1 You must, on request, promptly provide us with such evidence as we may require that you are able to meet (or are continuing to meet) the Minimum Standards in relation to insurance and vehicle tax.

  1. Service Disputes

 10.1 You are responsible for the rectification of any errors and omissions in the provision of the Services.

 10.2 In the event there is a Service Failure, you will not be entitled to payment, or part-payment, for any part of the Services affected by the Service Failure, as determined in our reasonable discretion.

  1. Dispute Resolution

 11.1 If there is a dispute between us, each party must use good faith efforts to resolve the dispute informally.

 11.2 In the absence of an informal resolution, any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, or the breach, termination or validity of this Agreement (Dispute), shall be submitted to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and settled by final and binding arbitration in accordance with the CIArb Arbitration Rules. Judgment on any award issued under this provision may be entered by any court of competent jurisdiction.

 11.3 A sole arbitrator shall be appointed by agreement between us. If we have not agreed on the appointment of a sole arbitrator within 30 days of a party’s receipt of a notice of arbitration, then, at the request of either party, a sole arbitrator shall be appointed by the CIArb.

 11.4 The parties will resolve any Dispute (including by way of arbitration) on an individual basis. Any claim you may have must be brought individually, in your individual capacity and not as a representative plaintiff or class member, and you will not join such claim with claims of any other person or entity, or bring, join or participate in a class action lawsuit, collective or representative proceeding of any kind (existing or future) against the Company or any related entity.

 11.5 This clause will remain operative after the Agreement has ended and notwithstanding its termination.

  1. Termination

 12.1 Without prejudice to clause 12.2, either party may immediately terminate the Agreement and end the relationship between you and us for any or no reason on the giving of seven (7) days written notice.

 12.2 Without prejudice to any other right or remedy we may have against you, we may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect with no liability to make any further payment to you if at any time you or your Personnel:

  12.2.1 commits any serious or persistent breach of the terms of this Agreement;

  12.2.2 are convicted of any criminal offence (other than an offence under any road traffic legislation in the United Kingdom or elsewhere for which a fine or non-custodial penalty is imposed);

  12.2.3 commits any fraud or dishonesty or acts in any manner which in the opinion of us brings or is likely to bring us into disrepute or is materially adverse to the interests of us; or

  12.2.4 loses the right to work in the UK.

 12.3 Should an investigation be necessary to determine any of the above your access to the Local Shop Online Platform will be withdrawn for the duration of that investigation.

 12.4 You agree that you will on request assist us in the investigation of any customer complaints that may be made about you, the Personnel or in relation to an incident in which you may be able to assist.

 12.5 In the event that the Agreement is terminated, we are only liable to pay you for any Services provided up to the date of termination.

 12.6 Termination of the Agreement will not release you from liability in respect of any breach, non-performance of any obligation or Service Failure by you prior to the date of termination.

  1. Further Legal Terms

 13.1 These Terms and the Minimum Standards record the entire agreement between the parties and replace and supersede all prior agreements whether written or otherwise in relation to its subject matter.

 13.2 A party may only waive a breach of these Terms in writing signed by that party or its authorised representative.

 13.3 The Agreement may only be amended in writing signed personally or by electronic means by the parties.

 13.4 If any provision of these Terms is for any reason found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, the remainder of these Terms will continue in full force and effect.

 13.5 You represent and warrant that you have reviewed and understand Local Shop Online’s Courier Privacy Policy. By accessing the Local Shop Online Platform, you consent to all actions taken by us with respect to your information in accordance with Local Shop Online’s Courier Privacy Policy as amended from time to time.

 13.6 You acknowledge that products and services, including the Local Shop Online Platform, and all rights therein shall remain the property of Local Shop Online (or its licensors).

 13.7 Each party has entered into this Agreement without relying on the representation by any other party or any person purporting to represent that party.

 13.8 You must not assign or transfer any rights or obligations under this Agreement to any person.

 13.9 Nothing in this Agreement nor your provision of the Services shall operate as to grant you any rights:

  13.9.1 in the product or services; or

  13.9.2 in our company name, logo, trademarks or that of our Related Entities or the right to use such company name, logo, or trademarks.

  1. Data Protection and Confidential Information

 14.1 All capitalised terms in this clause shall have the meaning given to them in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR“), and any and all applicable national data protection laws in the European Union (“EU“) as may be amended or superseded from time to time (“Data Protection Laws“).

 14.2 You understand and acknowledge that Local Shop Online may process your Personal Data in accordance with Data Protection Laws and the Courier Privacy Policy.

 14.3 In our capacity as a Data Controller, we may share Personal Data with you in accordance with the following description:

  • Types of Personal Data: name, address, email address and telephone number;
  • Duration of the Processing: until the earliest of (i) expiry/termination of this Agreement or (ii) the date upon which processing is no longer necessary for the purposes of either party performing its obligations under this Agreement (where applicable);
  • Nature of the Processing: collection, storage, duplication, deletion;
  • Purpose of the Processing: necessary for the provision of the Delivery Services; and
  • Categories of Data Subject: customers and authorised representatives of Local Shop Online.

14.4 You warrant that you will act solely as a Data Processor, process Personal Data only for the purpose of fulfilling the Delivery Services and comply at all times with the Data Protection Laws. You will maintain appropriate measures to ensure that the rights of the people to whom the Personal Data relates are protected. You will also implement and maintain appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks presented by your processing of the Personal Data, and you must not transfer any Personal Data outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA“) or appoint a third party to process the data without ensuring that the third party meets the same obligations as imposed under this clause14.

14.5 If you process any Personal Data pursuant to this Agreement you will follow any instructions we give you in respect of that data, which may include activities like deletion or return of the data that assist and enable us to comply with our obligations under the Data Protection Laws.

14.6 You will not process the Personal Data for your own purposes except with our prior written approval. In particular, you will not send communications to customers except via any masked telephone number, hardware or software provided by us to you. You will immediately notify us on becoming aware of any actual or possible breach of this clause. You will indemnify us for any loss, damage, dispute or third-party claim incurred by us as a result of your breach of this clause.

14.7 During your performance of the Delivery Services, you may have access to Confidential Information, including in respect of Local Shop Online, its related entities or third parties (“Confidential Information“). You agree that while you are an independent contractor and at all times thereafter, you will not, without prior written consent of Local Shop Online, except required by law or for you to obtain professional advice: (a) reveal, disclose or make known any Confidential Information to any person: or (b) use the Confidential Information for any purpose, other than for the purpose of providing the Services in connection with this Agreement.

  1. Third Party Rights

 15.1 We are entering into this agreement for ourselves and as agent for and trustee of all of our Group Companies and are duly authorised to do so.  The parties intend that each Group Company should be able to enforce in its own right the terms of this agreement which expressly or impliedly confer a benefit on that company subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999.


 16.1 You represent and warrant that at the date of this Agreement you have not been convicted of any offence involving slavery and human trafficking; nor have you been the subject of any investigation, inquiry or enforcement proceedings related to slavery and human trafficking. In performing your obligations under this Agreement, you must:

  16.1.1 comply with all applicable anti-slavery and human trafficking laws, statutes, regulations and codes from time to time in force including but not limited to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and with our Modern Slavery Policy; and

  16.1.2 not engage in any activity, practice or conduct that would constitute an offence under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 whether such activity, practice or conduct were carried out within, or outside the UK; and

  16.1.3 notify us as soon as you become aware of any actual or suspected slavery or human trafficking that has a connection with this Agreement.

  1. Governing Law

 17.1 This Agreement and any dispute or claim (including a non-contractual dispute or claim) arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

 17.2 The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including any non-contractual dispute or claim) arising out of this Agreement.