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Why partner with us?

Local Shop Online is not here to charge you extortionate prices like you know who.

We are not here to make a fortune ourselves, we are here to help to get the economy up and running by giving small business owners the platform to keep their doors open, so they never have to worry about going under again!

Reach more customers

You will reach more customers than ever before by using our platform. As you already know, the pandemic of 2020 put a lot of small companies out of business. They were not prepared to take online orders and have a delivery network at their fingertips.

Our platform solves that issue! In just an hour’s time, you can be selling online 24/7

Use our services

We offer the same type of platform that all the big boys do WITHOUT charging you 15 – 30% on every order.

We are a charity, therefore we do not charge you to use this service. You will only be charged a fee IF you use one of our drivers and your payment processor i.e. PayPal may charge you for any transactions


You will receive your own  Online Portal, where you will get the option to add your payment details. ALL payments go directly to you, we do not take any commission nor do we hold your payments for x amount of days.

1, You can accept payments through Paypal. A PayPal business account will be needed. You can signup with them here

2, You can accept Debit or Credit cards through the system, a Stripe business account will be needed. You can signup with them here

3, You can accept Cash On Delivery

4, You can accept Card On Delivery

We charge the business owners a monthly set fee, see here. Therefore, 100% of the sales go to you.

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